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Down in Louisiana, when they're cooking' up somethin' in the kitchen, they throw a little bit of everything in the gumbo pot.  Applying that same homegrown creative philosophy to his music, singer/songwriter Todd O'Neill has concocted his own recipe, blending cajun, zydeco and New Orleans R&B with the best of Nashville, for some seriously soulful, heartfelt and rockin' country music.  Best served hot, Todd's sound is pure Louisiana soul. 

Perfected in countless honky-tonks and dance halls in the region around his hometown of Hammond, just north of New Orleans, O'Neill's inclusive country music vision embraces everything from tear-in-your beer ballads to flat-out country rock anthems, wrapped up in a tall, good-looking package and delivered in a powerful, whiskey-soaked voice that sounds at once familiar and like nobody you've ever heard.   

In every era, South Louisiana produces at least one great musical force to be reckoned with and this time around it is Todd O'Neill.  The hottest thing south of I-10, Todd is the voice of his generation and it's just a matter of time before the rest of the world becomes aware of this soon-to-be musical giant.


Vocals, Guitar / Todd O'Neill
Lead Guitar / Seth Lecoq
Drums, Vocals / Blasien LeBlanc
Bass, Vocals / Jordy Guidry






BOOKING: Randy Harrell. The Songwriter Agency, Inc. - Nashville || 615-879-1224


Fast Lane

by Todd O'Neill

© Aria Records Nasvhille

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I Got Your Number

2016 / Live at Chill Ultra Lounge


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BOOKING: Randy Harrell. The Songwriter Agency, Inc. - Nashville || 615-879-1224

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